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About Us

Drug Free Long Island Board would like to thank our community for all the support throughout our 11+  years! 
It is through the support of TOB Supervisor Joseph Saladino, Commissioner of Parks Joe Pinto, Senator John Brooks, Legislator James Kennedy, Legislator Rose Walker, Legislator Laura Schaeffer, Legislator Spencer, Legislator Josh Lafarzan, Assemblyman Michael Durso, TOH Supervisor Chad Lupinacci and LICADD that our organization can work with our communities - we are truly blessed to have their support.
We look forward to the future years ahead partnering with LICADD, Thomas’ Hope, LIPRC, Massapequa Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, LICAB and other organization - uniting Communities and removing the stigma of this epidemic to give the support needed for so many families throughout Long Island.
We are actively seeking additional like-minded coalitions and community-based organizations to partner with Drug Free Long Island to help strengthen our vision and mission.


Uniting our Communities to fight for a

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Who We Are

Board of Directors

Chairman - Janice Talento  bio

Vice Chair - Bob Thompson  bio

Board Secretary - Glenn Kearney  bio

Board Member - Stacey Roy

Board Member - Karen Conkling

Executive Board

President - Joseph Spinosa  bio

Vice President - Carol Gordon  bio

Treasurer - Stacey Roy - bio

Secretary - Peggy O'Connell  bio


Advisory Board

Linda Alagna, John Budnick, Michael Venditto, Michael Reid, Assemblyman Michael Durso, Commissioner of Parks Joseph Pinto, Supervisor Joseph Saladino, Supervisor Chad Lupinacci, Senator John Brooks, Legislator James Kennedy, Mark Marazzo, Kristian Hernandez, April Proprillo, Don Dilillo, Barry Zaks, Natasha Vaughn, Gail Feldman, Father Derasmo, John Conkling

Junior League Board

Comprised of 6th–12th grade students in districts throughout Long Island

Sector Board

Alana Bonilla – Drug Free Long Island Jr. League



Linda Alagna - Local community member



Don Dilillo – Donny Greens 



Pam Robinson - Huntington Paper



April Proprillo - Asst. Superintendent S. Huntington


Youth Serving Organization



Law Enforcement

Wendy Wostenstauff - SCPD



Father Derasmo – Pastor St. James 



Jeff Stone – Lt. Governer N. Central Kiwanis     


Healthcare Professional

Barry Zaks - Huntington Drug & Alcohol


State/Local Government

Town of Huntington Supervisor –  Chad Lupinacci

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor – Joseph Saladino



Steve Chassman – Director LICADD

Uniting Communities to Strengthen Awareness, advocacy and education to combat substance abuse throughout Long Island.

Our Mission

To advance through public awareness, education, empowerment and advocacy the transformation of Long Island into DRUG FREE environments for the general safety, health and welfare of our children and all the members of our communities. ​

Our Mission

Our Vision

Through the collaborative volunteer efforts of board members, volunteers and students in conjunction with local educators, law enforcement and numerous agencies, aim to rid Long Island of heroin, other illegal drugs and drug dealers.

Drug Free Long Island supports local legislators, advocating for laws that will protect our children and keep them safe.   

We Need Your Support Today!

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